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    3 good Company to do business with

    I have been reading a lot about from last few months and I have seen people always getting their furstation out here on this Forum and always trying to make Mr. Sean a culprit.

    I do have few words about this company and this may help few people analyse it before being prejudiced by others who have talked too bad about it.

    I have been into this business from long and it is my 5th years in webhosting business where I have 8 dedicated servers of my own.

    I started with and it helped me greatly as they were a bunch of most helpful people at that time.
    During last years I have seen lot of hosting companies and been with most of the dedicated servers providers who were within my buying reach barring the few expensive ones.

    I hosted with companies like Alabanza,Dialtone, Rackspace, Colossus, Cybercon, and many more.

    It has been more approx 18 months that I have been doing business with and seen lot of ups and downs with them but nothing was so great that Mr.Sean could not sort it out IN TIME.

    Companies like Dialtone which are now owned by Interland had much more worse problems in initial stages than what faced, I remember there tech support got me on the verge of crying once and they were not the only one as there are many data centers who claim big but donot offer big

    Servers are no rockets that they can never go down and it is we who make the problem lot of time and than curse our provider that what has he given us.

    People like us surf the net hard and find companies which offer servers for less prices and than if anything goes wrong we curse the provider that he is cheating but it is not true we get what we pay for and TRUST ME gives you True value for money.

    People like David Wood, Darren, Eric, Matthew are GEM of a people and they help you like if you have hired them personally. All of them talk good about Mr.Sean and I find that though young Sean has all the ingredients to be a big businessman.

    What I have seen over the time that people are cribbing about connections being slow and that was I beleive due to poor option Mr.Sean opted for in the form of choosing cogent and nothing else. was strong on everypoint but cogent was a wrong choice but what can one do when many companies start offering servers with 300-400 GB of bandwidth and people who are new to industry make them the yardstick. To run the business one has to make few decisions which are always a gamble but they cannot be avoided.

    Sean has always been quality concious and now that is out of cogent the things are normal and better.

    As regards few employess leaving company I cannot see any IT company in my knowledge which doesnot see this kind of problem as tech guys are always ambitious and ready to jump jobs. Trusted and faithful employees are always difficult to get in any field and especially IT industry only find employees sticking if paid very heavily.
    Webhosting indusrty has too less to offer and too many things to do so we always require more staff members but has less money to pay which is the reason lot many staff people jump jobs.

    Over the years I have seen middle class people entering this business and leasing servers. Initially they donot realise what bad deicison they are making as this business requires good money in the long run and when they become unsuccessful they put the blame somewhere else.

    I have found everything working good at barring few small avoidable incidences and one bad incidence of billing in last 18 months and still believe from heart and mind that will grow and help its customers grow. Rather than cursing Sean I find him an ideal to do business with and if one has problems than which datacenter is without problems.
    Every business has teething problems which get sorted out and I do hope will shift to New Datacenter soon and Sean will prove what he has been always saying in his posts.

    I think I forgot to tell that I have 5 servers with and plan to do more business with them.

    Hopefully Mr.Sean will carry the business for years to come as he has been commanding respect from his employees which are the actual strength of the company and I have found all of them too sincere to the company.

    Incase anyone thinks I am from please donot think that way and TRUSTME the experience with has been good over the time if not extremely wonderful.

    God Bless you Sean, you made me grow.......


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    Cogent or the better bandwith?

    I would recomend Cogent, i do admit that the qaulity is less but you would safe alot of money. The more qaulity you got is not really worth it from a webhosting perspective.

    You can spend the saved money on developing the website, outsorcing programming and buying top class routing equipment such as juniper networks or somthing like that.

    Trust me, when the great bandwith capacity from some webhosting that are using cogent , as it is right now they pump alot of data when you look at the mrtg graph at rackshack. then network providers that provide access (dsl modem blabla) are forced to peer with cogent them self. try this situtation.

    Customer abc uses at&t adsl and the so very important website (cat food) hosted at company rackshack is very slow because its link provider is cogent, then at&t must be on its way finding talking to cogent about a peering arrangement.

    I don't think cogent will refuse.

    Tell me what ya think.

    While internap might already have the connectivity in place, they are not so economical.

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    I think while writing this I did not realise that I am making Cogent a culprit and a Villian. I personally donot have much knowledge about this company but as per what I read in the posts from that they were having problems due to cogent connections I got to this idea.

    I think disgracing someone like what I did is not right unless one uses it. I apologise for making a Villian of cogent but my views about cogent were purely on the basis of previous posts from and others BUT I have found more stable now after swicthing to Worldcom.


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    Thanks for comments.

    Chinese saying is, there is always an advantage. Cogent is just positioning its self that way. We as consumer can come around their problem.

    If with the saved money we buy
    1. cogent
    2. worldcom small link
    3. at&t

    then we write a small software piece that reguallry test the routes of the internet

    this server, Route server will just make sure that most data go thru cogent unless worldcom or at&t can provide a "significant" better quality when outweighted with economical reason.

    At last it might just be as well.

    One hosting provider doesn't need worldcom just alone. its expensive and from the above example, this is how smart people will solve the problem

    this solution is used by internap

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