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    * Please pick apart my work

    Thanks for being such a lively crowd! Can you please pick apart my brand-new site? Look and feel, graphics, logo, content - all is fair game.

    TIA, regards

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    Nice and simple..I like it.

    One question:

    "Why didn't you listen to me? You could've paid only $10.10 for a domain name an gotten 100 email addresses....etc"

    Not sure...but is "gotten" a word? It just doesn't look/sound right.

    Maybe something like:

    "Why didn't you listen to me? $10.10 not only gets you the domain, but also "this" and "this" and "this" for the one low price found at..."

    Again, just my opinion. "Gotten" may very well be a word (I suppose I could look it up), but there is something about the tense I don't care for, and I tend to be a bit of a grammar freak)

    Just my opinon. nice simple layout

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    Gotten appears to be a word, but I agree that it sounds a bit awkward when used in that particular phrase. Also, it should be "and gotten" not "an gotten."

    As for the design, it looks quite good.

    Some suggestions:

    In the way that your design/layout is structured, it would make more sense in having your logo/title at the very top of the screen, not 1/3 down.

    I think the site needs to be more intense and stylish... I appreciate its simplicity, but on my monitor there is alot of white space which makes the overall feel to the site rather boring.

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    The layout is nice, I agree with above stated items. I also, however, think a copyright notice would be helpful. It could be as simple as "Copyright All Rights Reserved." but they can help if you find a mean person.
    Ricky Lipe
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    a little too simple i think, maybe make it a little wider. also do you want to partner with my site? http://www.browse ,
    i think it would be useful for us both.

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    Thanks for the quick initial feedback.

    I will definitely correct the "gotten thing" - I'm a real "nu yorka" and sometimes forget what real english is - fuhgeddaboudit

    As for the sizing and simple layout, I'm trying to pitch the site to relatively unsophisticated people with lower res and smaller screens - I figure that those people still paying network solutions those ripoff prices are a bit behind on the tech curve - what do you think?

    Thanks again,

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