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    Please review! My Boss is making me nuts...

    My Boss seems to be itching for a Web site redesign. Do any of y'all think it's necessary? I think I tried to be a little different without being too over the top. In any case, he's getting restless and I'm not sure we really need to redo it. The site's at

    Any comments regarding design, content or anything, woulb be greatly appreciated!

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    IMO, the main page is a bit cluttered and needs to be toned down.

    Furthermore, much of the content/images on the site do not appear to match its overall theme. (The banner's, promo's, etc...)

    - And pages like this: need to be more color coordinated. (The green really doesn't match any other part of the page).

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    I agree, the frontpage is definitely a bit cluttered but overall, it's a pretty good looking site.

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    How about meeting your boss halfway and redesigning the inside space?

    This came to mind when I looked at your site on a 56k dialup and the left nav bar and top areas filled right in, but the middle section took some time.

    The middle area graphics on the front page are a bit big and overwhelming. Maybe working on a simpler middle space would calm your boss down? The Features page I like better, but even there the agent99 graphics are a little too big.

    I'm viewing through my laptop instead of my big screen so maybe that's it?

    Good luck,

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    Agreed, main page is a little cluttered. The rest of the site looks alright, but I think it's time for a redesign. The design style is late 90s. I would consider getting rid of the "comic book" and "charles angels" graphics, replacing them with images that present professionalism.

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    I agree with the others. The main page is very cluttered. Needs to be simplified and made much cleaner so the information is easily readable and accessible. Also, redesigning your site is a good idea every so often to keep up with the design trends and adapt to the changing technology. An evaluation of the design should be done every year to make sure it is keeping up with the competitors. Even if the site was good 5 years ago, new sites may pass you by and start taking your business. Change isn't always bad.
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    Is there a theme to the site? it looks like there is a comic theme going but it isnt carried through.

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    Too much on the site, not so much information, maybe make a few extra pages and chuck the extra "junk" on the other page(s)

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    Yes, just another post letting you know that the homepage really is cluttered.

    Also, the colors need to be adjusted. Red/Blue/Yellow/Green aren't particularly clean to look at.

    Also, it's relatively hard to tell what your business and purpose on the web is. Is it a webhosting company? An Internet Service Provider (your company names sounds like an ISP)? etc.

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    Overall theme can work, but needs some division. It looks cluttered because the eye is searching for something to focus on.

    LCD font can be hard to read for some, since it's caps. The green colored text needs a shadow effect so folks can easily read it.

    Like how the template can fill up a 1280x1024 screen eliminating the problem of whitespace. Nice illusion. Though the nav bar looks quite amateurish and needs some dressing up (at least to follow the comic theme).

    I'd keep the elements, but divide them to give them some "breath". Use another font besides LCD, and ditch the left frame (the gray is a neutral color, but clashes with lime green -- you're mixing a more traditional design with a comic theme and it's clashing). If you want to keep the comic book feel, make the entire design follow it (use a lot of black lines!).

    Some layout redesign and the template can work. It's not bad (it does have color and isn't your usual look - a plus if you want to stand out of the crowd). Just decide if you're going for a traditional business or a more relaxed theme. Mixing the two rarely works.


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