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    Question Selling Domain & Transfer Q's...

    I have a domain I'm about to sell, but have a quick question...

    Most of the time I've transfered a domain, I have been the recipient of the domain and have "requested a domain name transfer" from my registrar of choice. Once thats done, the owner of the domain gets an email saying it was requested for a transfer and he/she finishes the transfer process.

    If I'm selling the domain, is this the way to do it? Or should I initiate the transfer of the domain myself? I can not see a way to initiate the transfer myself in Dotster (my registrar). Does this mean if the transfer is initiated from the recipient that I won't be charged anything?

    Any help here would be appreciated.

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    I'm sure it can be done with - but like you don't know how, but I know their support replies to questions.

    Your customer can also ask for the domain to be transfered to any other registrar, you aprove the request and it's done.

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    The person who initiate the transfer will be charged. You, as the current administrative contact on the domain, is only doing the approval.

    For example, if you sell the domain, you can have the buyer request the transfer (and pay for a transfer at a registrar of his choice), you simply approve the transfer when the request comes through.

    You may also, (depending on your registrar), simply transfer ownership information at the current registrar, for example, by creating a new login and passing the domain to that account. However, I don't know if Dotster has such a feature. (I know enom does).


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