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    I am looking to expand my portfolio off my website design company.
    At the moment we have only had a few customers and their site/forum aren't up yet.

    We would like to offer any websites with their own domain name a free design for their site.
    The only thing we ask is that you have to have a domain name and you give a short testimonial which we will then pass on to future clients.

    I am not great at slicing websites and coding but I can to some extent, the same applies for forum designs.

    If you are interested please PM me!

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    maybe you should PM him like he's asked everyone else to

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    No need. =)

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    Thanks for the replys everyone.
    So far I have taken on 5 prjects and these will probably last me the weekend, it is unlikely that I will finish any next week due to work.
    If you still require any websites I am willing to do around 10-15 all together and will probably get 5 done each weekend.
    So far I have 8 requests in total.
    Keep them coming!

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    Do you mind doing personal sites? If so, (I own the domain)

    I need a complete re-doing of the design, because as you can see the current one is simply too plan and not attractive. This site is a blog site with just a few external links, a shoutbox etc. Of course, i'll give you the testimonial as required.

    thanks in advanced!
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