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    Question Is Ensim the easiest way?

    I've just got 3 servers in the mail with no OS loaded and am going to take them to the colo facility in the near future. What I need to do is load an OS (coming from a Windows environment, I know virtually nothing of either Linux or FreeBSD) and get the servers running. I feel I'm a quick learner, and have always wanted to "know" FreeBSD or Linux as they are used in web hosting companies. I want to offer these servers as dedicated servers to clients. What's the easiest road from here?

    Ensim has what looks to be a pretty easy-to-follow guide to installing RedHat 7.2 and Ensim on each server. Can anyone say whether that would be easier than using RedHat with no control panel or RedHat/FreeBSD with Plesk control panel? I'd also like to know if there are any good guides out there to setting up RedHat or BSD on a server with proper web hosting optimization, something that would also describe how to set up addtional sites, etc without using a control panel. Or should I just stick to control panels for right now? The RedHat/Ensim install looks fairly simply, I can follow directions pretty well. Just wondering if there are any alternatives... such as using no control panel at all and how hard that would be.

    Though I have no Linux/BSD experience, I'm not afraid of text interfaces... I used to use the Lynx web browser back in the day from my telnet connection (couldn't get anything else at my dorm in my first semester of college in 1994). If anyone knows of any step-by-step "how to install BSD or Linux and add websites and users to your server" I would REALLY appreciate it! Any insight those on this board can lend would make my day (life)!

    -The Newbie

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    stay whit Ensim.

    look at install guide of plesk and you have a linux installation guide.

    After you are exprince more, you can chose other CP. ( dont use plesk. I heard many say plesk is good, but I just installed plesk and there is so much to configure to your own needs and thats not easy for a newbe.

    P.S: I don't want to fight whit plesk fans


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    The Newbie,

    I would recommend putting a server installation of redhat on it to begin with. Then, install plesk. Plesk is very easy to install, just get the file and then run it. Once done, just login and finish the install and your all ready to go. The interface is real easy to use.

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    Ensim is a pain in the rear in my experience. If you do choose to install Ensim, follow the directions to the T or be prepared to reload. I have had nothing but good luck with Plesk, easy to setup\configure and dependable!
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    Yes thats trow, plesk is easeyr to install.

    I would say, make a installation, set your server at home on a intern network, and test evrything that you like. (apache mysql etc... ) so you will be more expriances.
    After that send your server for colocation.

    P.S: Sorry for my toooooo bad english

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    my experience with Ensim is they have a good product but lack in the department of upgrades. I like the interface, there is just too many problems that occur way too often.

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    I suggest reading some books.

    Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide Second Edition by Steven Shah
    This book is great, it covers Red Hat 7.0 but can be easily used with other distros but since you plan on using Red Hat this book is perfect

    Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery by Bob Toxen
    The best Linux security book I've ever read. I prefer it over the Maximum Security and Hacking Exposed series if you were considering those.

    If you want to go the BSD route I suggest you purchase
    Absolute BSD by Michael Lucas
    It covers a ton of material, there is detailed review of this book on so check it out

    Also, there is TON of information on the internet so if you don't want to purchase a book just look on the internet

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