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    New Game Server Special

    Current Special for Half-Life:

    - Any MOD (cs, dod, tfc, etc)
    - 20 player public server
    - Admin-Mod
    - FTP Access 24x7
    - Rcon
    - Stats Me
    - 10MB Clan Site
    - Psycho Stats
    - Free Support
    - Free Install of any plugins

    Price: $65/month USD

    IP to ping:

    Server location:
    McLean, Virginia

    gnaps is NOT cogent.

    Box specs:
    Same as: core's

    This is brand new server just online today, running FreeBSD 4.7. This is the same provider and upstr

    for orders email [email protected]
    or PM me

    PS: if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.

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    I was wondering how much bandwidth is included?

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