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    *.su domains going to be killed

    Got an email before from Snapnames that says next year the powers that be are going to disband the *.su (soviet union) domain extension. Guess there's a few people crying about it, but it's probably the people that own,, etc.

    never seen an SU domain before, but I imagine there's a few of them over in Europe.


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    On ur unix shell do a:

    host -v -l su

    that will show you around 500 records for the su TLD... I am sure there are more then 500 but then you do:

    host -v -l and see if you get more records...

    Have fun exploring..
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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    Su is a common word in the strategy gaming "world". It is short for "gosu" which means elite in Korean.

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    Or do

    su and then enter the root password

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