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    Question Domain Control Panel etc...


    Ill explain the situation, ok we need a control panel for our clients for their domain names etc and personal details, the sort of thing you get with some hosting companies.

    Does anyone have any idea where i can get hold of either a free one that is probably modifiable, or one that i can pay for. Its just that we need our clients to be able to have a control panel for their domains.

    Any help much appreciated,

    Thanks very much.


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    Are you looking for one specifically for the RAQ or in general?
    If you look in the control panel board there are a lot of threads about free or cheap control panels.
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    web://cp is a web hosting control panel developped in PHP and designed to be portable. Its design allows many features for the client, built-in reseller support and more. Features: Create, modify, delete user accounts; Create, modify, delete domain info in apache, sendmail; Monitor system network stats; Monitor system stats; Help System; Manage e-mail parameters; Create & manage MySQL and PostgreSQL; Create, delete & manage domain pointers and sub-domains; Update web domain settings; Scripts & web tools; Server Status; Manage resellers; Services Control Panel; Billing info; and User and domain WHOIS search.
    Paradox CP
    Paradox Control Panel is a software developed for Web hosting platforms. Features: Add users, Directory Managment (Deleting & Creating), Easy installation (Install scripts), File Management (Multiple Directory Viewing & File Deleting & File Renaming), MySQL (Create database & query execution), Server status (Checks if a server is online or offline), and more.
    Price: Freeware - Version: 1.2.3 - Platform(s): PHP, MySQL
    Hosting App is a tool designed to manage web hosting server. It allows you to create Virtual Hosts, manage users accounts, DNS, mail accounts etc. It also provide a control panel for hosted sites.
    Price: Free (GPL) - Version: Alpha-0.1 - Platform(s): Linux, Unix
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