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    Need template for hosting directory/ppc search engine...

    I am looking for someone who could make a nice, original, functional template for a new hosting directory/ppc search engine.

    Price: I am willing to go as high as $600.00 for a great template by a reputable company/individual.

    References/portfolio a must.

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    I would like to put my self forward for this, you can take a look at my portfolio at

    I have 2 years commercial experience and have been designing since '96.

    If you are interested I can provide a list of references.

    Kind Regards,


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    References/portfolio a must.
    I have just noticed that Oli at is bidding for your work. Oli is doing some high quality design work for me at the moment and I recommend him highly. He has designed two logos, two web sites and will be designing a brochure/flyer for me next week.

    If you want to PM me for more details - go ahead!

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    Thanks to everyone...
    I found a designer...

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