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    Looking for free hosting for site with domain name in exchange for banner&text links

    I am looking for free hosting for my website.
    I am looking for roughly:
    200mb space
    5gb transfer
    phpbb hosting
    a few pop3 or webmail email accounts
    I can put a banner on the top of every page of the site which is clearly visible and if needed also on the forum and a text link at the bottom of each page.
    On the forum there will be a forum for FTP links so if you dont want this please do not reply.
    If you want to PM instead of posting here feel free to do so.
    Just ask if you want any more info,
    PS. I have a domain name which I want to use for the site

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    FTP links for what?
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Freeware but I will have to moderate it as im SURE people will post links to pubs etc.

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