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    do i need more ram or not?


    could you please help me? I do really not know whom I should believe.... I have a rh 7.2 server with 256mb ram and I get this output:

    Mem: 247480K av, 232884K used, 14596K free, 64K shrd, 77916K buff
    Swap: 1020088K av, 0K used, 1020088K free 40756K cached
    Real memory: 247480 kB total / 135476 kB free Swap space: 1020088 kB total / 1020088 kB free

    Max Free 214.9 MBytes (88.9%) Average Free 123.1 MBytes (50.9%) Current Free 130.5 MBytes (54.0%)
    Max Used 196.4 MBytes (81.3%) Average Used 118.6 MBytes (49.1%) Current Used 111.2 MBytes (46.0%)

    Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong into finding the answer to my "do I need more ram"? TOP says I do really need one... mrtg and webmin not.

    Thanks indeed!
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    Linux tends to hold onto cache in memory as long as possible. If you do not see any of your swap file being used then you do not need any more ram.

    Swap: 1020088K av, 0K used, 1020088K free 40756K cached

    0k used. I'd say you do not need more ram.

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    without knowing the system uptime it's hard to say for certain, but top says you haven't touched the swapfile, and that is a Good Thing(tm).
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