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    * Super Resellers Deal from ikiwi!

    Hi there

    Three Only to Be sold!

    I have just finished our new resellers sign up page so want people to start using it, so I can see if it is ok for use

    Heres the Deal Buy Plan One and Get Plan Two Instead for free so this is what you get, for only US$19.95 a month!

    iKiwi Internet is a leading provider of Private Label Reseller solutions on fast and secure servers.

    We assign you space and bandwidth on one of our servers and it is yours to sell as you please. You also get the powerful "Web Host Manager" to control this space and really just become a hosting company yourself although you do not have to worry about any of the server workings. All of your accounts will be administrated using the powerful and ever popular Cpanel 5 control panel.

    You will not be tracked back to iKiwi because we use our anonymous server names "servername"

    Live account activation
    Anonymous DNS Nameservers
    24x7 Technical Support
    Premium Bandwidth (Not CogentCo)
    Anonymous SSL for you and your Clients!
    UNLIMITED Domains Hosted
    UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
    UNLIMITED Sub Domains
    UNLIMITED POP3 Email Accounts
    UNLIMITED Email Lists
    UNLIMITED Email Forwarders
    UNLIMITED Auto Responders
    UNLIMITED MySQL Databases

    2gig of Web Space and 25 gig of BW a month.

    Plan details are here,

    Order Here,

    Select plan 1, and we will upgrade it to plan 2.

    We accept CC ( and also PayPal.

    Have a great day
    Callum Henderson, is now, bigger and better!

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    Can I buy plan 3 and get free upgrade to plan 4? Can I have my own nameservers?


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    Me, too!?

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    Ok then
    Callum Henderson, is now, bigger and better!

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    I can't seem to reach your website. I have done a traceroute from mulitple locations and they are all timing out. Here is just one of the traces:


    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
    1 ( 0.471 ms 0.504 ms 0.434 ms
    2 ( 0.486 ms 0.522 ms 0.492 ms
    3 ( 0.973 ms 0.966 ms 0.910 ms
    4 ( 1.562 ms 1.183 ms 1.197 ms
    5 ( 2.007 ms 1.958 ms 1.866 ms
    6 ( 3.321 ms 2.949 ms 3.197 ms
    7 * * *
    8 * * *
    Brett Morey
    Faith Internet

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    Thats correct we have a firewall on so traceroute will not get the server.

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