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    "lame server on '46.239" .... 5 every second


    in my /var/log/messages I can see lots, really lots of entries like this:

    Oct 24 10:54:49 mybox named[1634]: lame server on '' (in'?): 195.31.anotherip#53

    I see about 4 ot 5 entries like this every second in average, it looks like this requests do always come from 3 different ip addresses: starting with 195.31.....

    Could you please explain me whats going on?

    thanks indeed for your help!
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    even i had the same problem, and m still looking for a sol, if u find one..let me know


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    Hi - it means there is a problem with THEIR DNS setup NOT yours.



    PS there is probably a way of stopping these messages being logged in the relavant conf file try...

    man named.conf

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    A lame server entry in the log means that your server has done a name lookup of another server, and the other server isn't properly configured (the SOA record is missing). There's nothing you can do (because it isn't your problem) except add a config statement to your server so these errors don't get logged:

    logging {
    category lame-servers { null; };
    //category queries { default_syslog; default_debug; };


    Make sure you place this AFTER the controls section or named won't start.

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    Jimroe does this go into named.conf ?

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    I had done those changes to my named.con and after that my bind went through lots of ON and OFF bind status.

    God know's why, then i had to remove it to bring it back to normal


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    Sorry - yes this goes in your named.conf file, and WHERE it goes is important because Bind won't start correctly if you put it in the wrong location. It works for me if it follows immediately after the line that deals with

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    what is the "controls" section?

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    If you open your named.conf file in a text editor, you'll see a section that looks like this:

    controls {
    inet port 953
    allow {; } keys { "rndc-key"; };

    Add the text I posted earlier immediately afterwards.

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    thanks mate, i will let you know if this worked for me.

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