Hi all,

Here's another server up for grabs! Again, only one of these. The server is in Canada, and all prices are in US Dollars.

The server specs are:

1U Celeron 1.2GHz
Intel 815E Server MB
Intel 82559 NIC
Maxtor 60GB HDD
FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, ... -- You specify.

For $100 setup, $99/month, or $1125/year, we can do the following:

Dedicated server rental (as above)
30GB monthly traffic included
UPS feed
99.9% guaranteed network uptime
(Average for past year is ~99.95)
One static IP
Toll-free Technical support in Canada and the US

Additional items:

Additional traffic: $3/GB in small quantities
Webmin: Free
CPanel: $65/month
Other panel: Ask
IPs: $4/month, in small quantities

Example IPs:

Bandwidth is multi-homed (UUnet DS-3, and 6Mbps connection to local telco with primary routes to Sprint, Bell, and secondary routes to a few others), with our router co-located at a major local provider (quadrant.net), then delivered to our building.

More information about us:

I would like to work with someone whose requirements are a good match for this particular offer. In other words, I'm not really interested in publically defending the price of bandwidth in Canada all over again. :-)

- Ryan