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    Question Help With PerlDesk

    Ok, kinda lost here with Perldesk. maybe someone can help me.

    OK, here goes. it says in there that

    "You must setup your mail software (e.g. sendmail)
    so that emails sent to the address(es) of your
    choice are piped through to
    [*] If you are using SENDMAIL you must edit your
    /etc/aliases file, and add a line similar to the

    support: "|/path/to/perldesk/"

    Repeat that line for each address you want perl
    desk to control."

    I am lost. I have access to everything. being a hosting solution. but this is driving me Nutz

    When I go to the ect/ directory, I find no "aliases" file.
    where is it??
    how do I fix this problem??
    and do I have to use sendmail?

    not nessarly in that order... I really would like to use this program. bt am stumped with this one. (maybe its because I am a blond or something like that) anywho... can someone help me please

    Thank you in advance

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    Do you have a control panel installed, such as CPanel, Ensim, Plesk?

    Also, if you do a search in these forums, this topic has come up many times so you may find some useful information from past threads. You may contact me via ICQ or e-mail (both in my profile), and I will be glad to help you for free.

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    What mail server software are you using? If you are using sendmail you could edit (or create) the .forward file in the accounts home directory that you want perl desk to handle. If you are using QMail you can edit the .qmail file and enter the same content as the .forward file that Sendmail would use.

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    And if you're using CPanel, you'll have to edit /etc/valiases/ to create the aliases, which are the same format as the /etc/aliases file for sendmail
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    How I can do it in Cpanel


    you'll have to edit /etc/valiases/ to create the aliases
    I look into my /ect folder and I didnt find any valiases folder. How can I do it this ?


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