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    Question recommand a good ASP/ webhost

    any ASP/ host that offer less than $10 a month.

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    There are plenty of web hosting directories out there. I always suggest looking through those, and then coming here to find an overall reputation of particular hosts. is a very good directory that certainly may assist you.


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    Well, most hosts host .anything!

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    jt2377: there are a wide variety of packages and service levels offered by ASP/.net hosts even at the price cap you mention. What you may want to do is look at what type of services you want (email accounts, bandwidth, storage space, etc.) to help yourself narrow it down.

    Having said that, I can recommend one host that I use extensively for things that does have three plans under $10 a month:

    They've always been pretty stable and reliable and I've got sites on there that do tend to push the envelope as far as resource (particularly bandwidth) is concerned.
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