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    win2k server question

    hey. I set up a computer running win2k advanced server. I set up a FTP server and a webserver. I want to be able to give a user webspace on my webserver. I also want them to have FTP access to their webspace. My problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to give FTP access to a certain folder without making a whole new FTP server.

    How do you make the root directory on an FTP server different for each user... other than making a whole new FTP server for each user...

    hopefully that made some sense...

    thanks in advance

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    Do you mean when a user logs in they're sent to their own directory ?

    In this case, you simply need to create a virtual directory in the FTP main site which is of the same username and points to their home directory.

    Be sure that the user also has read permissions (but not write) on the FTP root directory for it to work.

    I do this by adding a user to a group and just adding that group as read enable on the ftp root directory.


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    thanks, thats exactly what I wanted!

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