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    Question Need alternative to an API...

    Hi Folks,

    Not crazy about CCBill's new $750 bend over fee. I have a merchant account, but I use them for fraud prevention for automated services with my free hosting business. Their advantage, in addition to extensive fraud screening, is that they have an API that I can hook into to process an account automatically upon successfull order notification.

    Do any of the other 3rd party processors do something similar? I'm looking for someone with a useable API that is as well documented as CCBill.



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    I suggest Authorize.Net. We use it with PHP and the compiled in cURL library to interact with them in realtime over SSL.

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    I have a merchant account and Authorize.Net that use for my primary processing. However, I need something with a more extensuve screening process for International cards and all transactions in general. Authorize.Net simply doesn't cut it for automatic processing. I've found to either be too accepting of fradulent cards, or so locked down that valid customers can't order.



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    Really? I have found pretty good with its screening process. All my international orders get accepted without problem. I dont auto - charge new clients anymore however. Usually always best to look things over yourself before you charge and create new accounts.


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    Yes, I manually review all new hosting orders. But when I have a fully automated system in place for free hosting customers to purchase more bandwidth, I need a reliable and automated system with great fraud screening to process cards, getting the upgrade on its way so customers can get their site back online. As it looks, a good third party system is the only reasonable option.

    Any suggestions?


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