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    Question Newbie and Perl 5 Install

    Hello. I'm new to dedicated hosting. I've got a Cobalt Raq 4. I don't seem to have Perl installed on it. I'm trying to do password maintenance and need Perl 5 on the server.

    I see in the control panel how to install software...
    Server Management/Maintenance/install software

    I'm not familiar with packages or Perl 5. Where can I get it and is there anything to watch out for??


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    Where did you get your raq? Perl is installed by default.

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    I'm using

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    Don't think the admin panel will even work without perl.

    What's more, installing a new version of perl will without any doubt kill the admin gui. Unless you know a clever way around that, don't install perl.

    Just start a ssh session and type: whereis perl
    it'll probable show something, meaning you have perl.

    Since you are a newbie, be carefull with installing anything. Cobalts have a mind of their own. Make sure you do some digging before jumping into it.
    Hmm, what does this do... Oops!

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    Perl 5 is already installed

    Yes, I just found out, Perl's already installed.

    Thanks everyone.


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