Posted this as a follow up to another thread but haven't seen any response's...

Are there any inherent benefits of one over the other in terms of choosing VPS or Shared hosting as a small re-seller?


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Auctually all of it depends on your clients.

Look at the server load. For me once it starts going over 0.20 server is considered full. This is at peak times because if it's at 0.20 in a few months if not touched it will be higher because sites grown.

I was going to post a similar question asking whether the so called VPS systems are better for a small re-seller vs. Shared.

I curently host on an Ensm VPS and was considering moving to a company that offers the Linux/Windows H-Sphere system. Although I'm somewhat dangerous having root access, it does come in handy at times and thats not something that's available on Shared plans.

So the question is, what do you mean by "2.0" and how/what do you use to determine load.

Also, Top returns a seemingly endless vairiety of stats, can anyone point me to a source that would help in deciphering the results?