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    Flash Integrated Template Only $45.95!!

    ----> Template Link <----
    Template (A)
    Comes With:

    - 1 HTML Index Page
    - 1 Flash Intro (Customizable Words)
    - 1 Flash Logo (Customizable)
    - 1 Layered .PSD
    - 5 Sliced JPGS
    - Free Link Customization
    - 1 Month Free Support On Flash / Sliced Images If Needed
    - Extra Html Pages ($2.00 Each) {Must Have Existing Site OR MS Word Document Data Sheet}

    Bidding Starts At $30
    Buyout At $45.95

    ---Payment VIA Paypal---
    <I am a Verified Paypal User>
    Give me 2 hours for basic customization (buttons name of company ect..) and you will have your template.

    This info is also posted on the home page of template previewing!

    Hope You All Like It

    Contact Info:
    Or PM Me through this board!
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    good job!

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    This guy has done some work for us and he is easy to work with.. He will not leave you hanging on changes, he gets them done right away if you need things changed.
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