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    Question Selling a domain name

    Hi, I'm thinking of selling some domain names. Perhaps on ebay. I suppose after the price is agreed on, the buyer opens a account at the name's registrar and I move the name's account to the buyer. Is this correct? and are there things I should watch out for?

    Oh, another thing, how soon after registering a name can I sell it? is it like a transfer where you have to wait 60 days?


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    You can sell imedialty. Just move it to their account. Acually selling domains is a good business but you cant sell for to much. Like register it for 8.88 then say that your selling it for 2 dollars starting bid but then stick in a note saying that buyer pays a fee of 8 dollars to cover transfer cost and then you can getaway with selling it. Good Luck Dude!

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    You may want to also have a look at

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