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    the BEST place you've advertised before?

    What's the best place you've advertised before that was well worth the money? was worth the money, but not worth the time, as we didn't get too many clients from them.
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    I don't run a hosting business, but I run a hosting directory that directly competes with hosting companies on PPC engines, and I'm very happy with Sprinks traffic. While I can't directly track the results (other than what advertisers say), I must say bids are significantly lower than Overture, and the traffic was of quality meaning they actually stayed at my page-- of course that could be a result of several things.

    As I said, I don't run a hosting company, but if I did I believe I would go beyond the technology/webmaster related sites, and try the Powweb marketing strategy. I see prices for hosting getting around the $2/month range, so why not put together tools, articles, and free templates and take advantage of how cheap advertising on entertainment is, and pitch the "Have your name for only $5.99/month!." You could even put that you'll give them a free web page, and teach them how to make it (through pre-written articles of course).

    Just my idea. I've been involved in advertising for some time, and if I ran a small hosting firm my goal would be to expand the market by offering deals that appeal to beginners. That would include you giving them a web page, and hosting it for $5/month or whatever you could do.


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    I'm not sure about Sprinks ... there has been a number of bad reports about how they do syndicate their listings to other sites ... sometimes irrelevant sites altogether ...
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    Really? That really wouldn't suprise me, but overall I've been happy with the traffic they have sent.

    I must say they do have terrible support, and their tracking is a bit more complicated than it should be.

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