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    Looking to turn template into phpnuke

    Hi all

    I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me a hand for this i have a template of a website but want to use the template with phpnuke. I was wondering if anyone could kindly help and turn the template using phpnuke. If this is possible il be really greatful and would give a hand with your website or anything you want. By the way i own the website and havent bought the domain name yet as i want the site built first.

    Cheers faz

    Here is a screenshot of my site

    Screenshot of the site

    If intrested please leave your contact details on this thread


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    Do you have the psd for this site? Last time As I remember your friend had left the country for awhile.

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    ye i built the template and have managed to finish it but all i want is someone who knows how to use it as a phpnuke template

    can anyone help please

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