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    Cool - Cobalt 550 and RedHat P4 1.8Ghz dedicated servers

    Here is's latest pricing as well as our new dedicated Linux server product line.

    We are a small dedicated server leasing company that emphasizes tier-3, first-name-basis customer support. A high-volume, cut-rate pricing, 10,000 customer operation simply isnt our idea of a fun way to own a company.

    $100 setup for all servers
    100GB transfer included
    IPs on an as-needed basis with decent justification
    Free ARIN SWIP management
    After first year, lease price drops by 25%
    Servers are on dual T1 lines running shared bandwidth in fail-over mode (think 3Mbits and BGP).

    no catches, no gouging, free sanity checks, often free assistance for interesting questions/problems when the sysadmin isnt otherwise busy. we would rather take a few minutes and help you install the latest Cobalt/RedHat patches than see our network get hacked/stomped via a vulnerability on your machine.


    Raq 4i Basic 450 Mhz 1 X 20 GB 256 MB $285/mo.

    Raq 4i Pro 450 Mhz 1 X 40 GB 512 MB $312/mo.

    Raq 550 Budget 1.26 Ghz 1 X 80 GB 256 MB $317/mo.

    Raq 550 Basic 1.26 Ghz 2 X 80 GB 512 MB $371/mo.

    Raq 550 Pro 1.26 Ghz 2 X 80 GB 1 GB $438/mo.


    These servers come in a 1U alumnimum chassis with 40GB 7200 RPM hard drives and high-quality DDR PC2100 RAM. Due to the alumnimum chassis, they have no heating issues, even with two high-speed drives in them. They are ideal for hosting custom web applications and databases as well as development and test platforms for virtual development teams. Your choice of Linux OS, full root, local mirrors, etc.

    Mercury Budget Celeron 1.7Ghz 1 X 40GB 256MB $145/mo.

    Mercury Basic P4 1.8Ghz 2 X 40GB 512MB $195/mo.

    Mercury Pro P4 1.8Ghz 2 X 40GB 1GB $228/mo.

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    how many servers will be sharing that 3mbps, that being 900-1000gb a month right? who are the providers for the t1 lines. thanks.

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    The question isnt how many servers, but rather one of line utilization. Currently both lines run at less than 30% average utilization and I have never seen them saturate for significant periods of time (a minute or two).

    A good business model covers purchasing new capacity as new servers come online.

    Providers are Sprint and Savvis.

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    do you have an IP to trace? is getting some great times for me from austria.

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