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    did weberz stop to sale win reseller packeges?

    did weberz stop selling win resellers packeges?
    if i am not wrong i read something in the forums that they stop sell hsphere accounts and a good friend of mine sent them an email like ~30 hours ago and didn't get any respond form the sales department?
    are there other good windows bulk reseller packeges out there with good support as i hear weberz have/had?

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    try [email protected]

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    Don't know where your friends email is, possibly blocked by a spam filter or something.

    To answer your question I will stop taking orders on H-Sphere period as of Sunday night (10/27/2002) and will only take orders on the new system, that does not have Windows support.

    The reseller package that I will have together by then will be very very nice for resellers. It should give them abilities to expand their business in ways not normally possible.

    Tracy Phillips

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