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    templates for sale *added another*

    a nice set of basic layouts, nothing special but i thought i'd put them up. both layouts are designed for 800x600 and higher. both will include:

    - the PSD(s)
    - HTML templates (tested in IE and NS)
    - CCS files
    - a small logo if needed
    - any customizations (including color changes)

    these will be sold only once. bidding starts at $50 and goes up from there. payment will be done through paypal (so paypal or credit-card). i can create a whole site if needed, please contact me for a quote.

    template one : $50 : 0 bids

    template two : $50 : 0 bids

    template three: blue/green/red : $50 : 0 bids

    [edit] added another layout. [/edit]
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    #2 is sweet as in like totally sweet.

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    added another template.

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