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    Type of web server

    How can you tell the type of web server so the certificate can be correctly formatted?

    Apache = MOD SSL

    Apache + Open SSL

    Apache Raven

    Apache + SSLeay

    C2Net Stronghold

    I'm using RH 7.1 w/ PSA 2.0.

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    Plesk 2.0 uses Apache with mod_ssl, Ensim and Cpanel and a few more use it too.

    SSLeay is some obsolete product that old mod_ssls uses
    C2NET StrongHold is some webserver with SSL based on Apache 1.3.22
    Raven is some Apache 2.0-based SSL enabled server

    OpenSSL is a library that recent mod_ssls and Apache-SSL uses

    to test what u have, in ssh type this:

    telnet 80

    then type:

    HEAD / HTTP/1.0

    then hit enter twice
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