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    Double Check My Transfer & Restore Process

    Hello Everyone,

    Well, if you have been following my recent thread "Meta-Verify Errors " you will know I couldn't fix it.

    It has basically come down to the time when I have to restore the
    server from scratch.... avoid any downtime for my clients on that server....and I
    know it will take longer, but no worries...I have the time....I gave
    up sleep two days ago and am doing fine!

    Anyway, to avoid any downtime, here is what I think I am going to
    do.....please tell me if you see any issues with procedure...I want to
    start soon (meaning a day or so....)

    Okay, I have an additional server here that has enough room for all
    the sites on the server that needs to be wiped clean and started
    fresh, so I want to transfer all sites to the other server, restore
    the original server, then transfer all sites back to the clean server.

    Another note.....both servers run their own DNS......I know....not
    great, but that's the way it is right now.....I am working on changing
    that, but now isn't a priority...

    Note, we make daily backups, long story short.....last successful one
    is 28 days old.... Not a good chain of command happening on the
    back-ups but that will be changed...


    Let's call the broken server - XXX

    Let's call the working server - RRR

    Let's assume both servers are on the same network, connected to the
    same router.

    I will use "" as the example site.

    So, consider that is currently set-up on XXX and has a few
    users and a web site running.

    # 1 - Set up a new virtual site on RRR for

    # 2 - Make note of what site## it is given (For Example Use: site27)

    # 3 - Add into the DNS server on RRR, using a unique IP if
    possible (this is only temporary)

    # 4 - On XXX, use the built in Cobalt backup to backup all web files,
    users and e-mail. Save it to PC Desktop.

    # 5 - Open the .raq file with word pad.

    # 6 - Run a search and replace to replace the current "site##" with the
    new "site27" that the RRR server has it assigned to.

    # 7 - Save the .raq file

    # 8 - Go into the site settings GUI on RRR for

    # 9 - Click "Restore" in the navigation on the left.

    #10 - Browse for the proper .raq file for restore.

    #11 - CLICK Selective Restore as you only want to restore the /web
    files....everything else you have already told clients to backup
    and delete all email from the server...

    #12 - Run it.....and wait...

    #13 - Once restore is complete, browse to the unique IP address you
    assigned to the site. If the site is working as expected,
    great! If not....stop steps, throw servers out
    them fall 42 stories! Not really....

    #14 - If restore was successful, skip to #17.

    #15 - Ok...restore wasn't successful....well, we can save the site,
    just not the user info.....create an account for on

    #16 - FTP into and upload all web files to the /web folder.
    Double check everything is working by going to the IP address in
    your browser. If things aren't working properly, keep working
    at it until they are.....problems have to be in your web code...

    *Note* - Any references in your HTML, PHP, etc....that are
    referring to the domain name, rather than an absolute path, will
    appear to work, but may not....make sure the IP is always in the
    address location.

    #17 - Okay, site is uploaded and working. Now it's time for users.

    #17a - If you have databases for the site, create the new database and
    user on RRR, then upload a backup of the database...

    #18 - Add each user that you know should be assigned to this account.
    You will most likely have to contact clients to let them know
    their new passwords, or get their passwords from them and set-up
    the accounts on the RRR server with their passwords.

    #19 - So, now we have the site working and the users working. DNS

    #20 - Go into the DNS settings on XXX and modify the A records to
    point to the new IP address you have given the site on server

    Doing this for each site immediately after you transfer it and
    ensure it's working will allow it to be accessed on RRR while
    you transfer any other sites you need to...

    *SIDE NOTE* - If you have more than one site, follow steps #1 - #20
    for each site before proceeding with the following steps.

    #21 - Okay, on RRR, you now have all your sites running properly,
    users added and databases populated. That's also
    have the DNS server on XXX pointing all traffic to the sites on

    #22 - Now, we just need to move the DNS domain names onto RRR and we
    are complete....I belive.

    #23 - On RRR, go into the DNS settings and create DNS settings exactly
    the same as you currently have for your DNS server on XXX.

    #24 - Now, delete the DNS settings for the DNS server on XXX....

    Theoretically, you should have everything functioning 100% on RRR

    After doing the restore to XXX, you can follow the steps listed above
    (#1 - #24) to move back all sites to the fresh server

    So....does anyone see any problems or concerns??

    I have heard the Cobalt built in backup/restore is should
    I just skip those steps and FTP all the /web files and just manually
    add the users???

    Ideas? Suggestions? Modifications?

    Any help is appreciated....

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    save yourself some trouble and check this out
    Voiding warranties is what I do best.

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    I appreciate the thought.....but we already have that installed on both the servers I am mentioning above....

    Also, since the one server has a bunch of problems on it, backing up a problem server isn't going to help us much......
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