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    Web Site Builder Software

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for web site builder software that will allow my customers to make a web site, without knowledge of HTML, and then post the site to my server. I would like the product to be browser based. Does anyone know of a product that can be purchased or if someone has come up with an ASP product for building sites.


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    psoft, the makers of h-sphere, have a thing called site studio. - I don't believe its written in ASP though..

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    try - Free html editor
    also try - $$ html editor

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    yes Site Studio is the name of the software and it comes with several templates , allows you to upload your own pictures seperately or from before as a defulat Image Set . | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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    Web site builder software

    Go to
    this is a little costly but the better ones are.

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    Web site builder software

    Go to
    this is a little costly but the better ones are.

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    Site Builder using Flash

    This one is flash based

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    Thumbs down terrible

    the flash builder program has no customer support. There was good contact while we were considering buying, but once we purchased their product, there was absolutely no contact when we have had a question or found a bug and still to this day, we are waiting response for approximately 5-10 questions/emails we have sent. not good.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone as the ROI will not be beneficial to your company. Plus it is a support nightmare. We could even give it away.

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    another thread

    Someone is taling about that one as well.

    Consider Fantasico an add on for cpanel. It auto installs phpwebsite, phpnuke zoops etc

    Might work for you.
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