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    expired domain, when does it become available?

    a domain that i want has expired, when does it become available for registration? the domain is currently registered with VeriSign

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    It is up to the register when they want to release it.

    I had a expired domain name that we tried getting once and Network Solutions held it for over a year.
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    verisign (netsol) and are BAD at releasing domain - they also keep some nice ones for years.

    Most other registerars release domains in 1 to 45 days.

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    We had a domain name that we did not want so we let it expire. It was still pointing to our machine a year and a half after it expired. This was with Verisign.

    We have seen some releasedd within weeks and others seem to take much longer. Verisign seems to be the most random of the registrars.

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    Is there anything I can do to get that domain or just wait until it becomes available?

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    about 30 days at least for most
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    Basiclink, I have heard that Verisign has done that with some of the nicer domain names. Was your name a premium one?

    Sani, if you really want the name and want to increase your chances of getting it, and it's worth $70 for that extra chance - you can sign up for a snapname at They allegedly have around a 90% success rate on all expired names.


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    They allegedly have around a 90% success rate on all expired names.
    They dont have anywhere near a 90% success rate on PREMIUM expired names, though maybe on AVERAGE domain names for which there is little to no competition for.
    If the WLS is introduced, you could be getting a 100% chance if you get in early enough and the current owner doesnt renew.

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