Here is my portfolio, If you read it I guess you shall notice that my specialties lie in the use of databases and user services. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in me working for you. I charge very little (I just need enough to run my site...)

Gaming World -

* Fully working member system. Login, User panel, Submissions, Preferences, Profiles.
* Gaming Arena equipped for members
* A complete content listing and viewing backend for content.
* Full fledged staffer administration panel to Add/Edit/Delete all sorts of content
* Built on a stable mySQL backend, Serving over 300,000 page views per day and over 2500 members registered
* Design also created by me, showing that my skills don't only lie in programming

Video Game Museum -

* A directory of thousands of classic games, with screenshots, box art, information, sprite rips and much more
* Advanced member system with user panel, profiles and Gaming Arena equipped.
* Advanced navigation system allows you to find anything easily even with the enourmous amounts of content

Gaming Arena (No site yet)

* Implemented exlusively for Gaming World and Video Game Museum
* Battle other members to gain experience and gold
* Spend gold in shops to buy items, use items in battle or equip yourself with the latest swords
* Gain experience to gain level ups further increasing your statistics
* Battle against monsters to train for battles against real members
* Unique items, only one found per game.
* Hundreds of items and equipment to choose from
* Advanced Statistics and battle techniques derived from some of the most popular RPG's. (No, not Final Fantasy)

Message Board Installations/Modifications
I have installed several message boards on all kinds of servers. I have had experience installing YaBB, Invision Board, vBulletin, UBB. I have also done modifications on several boards including vBulleting and Invision Board

You can contact me through...
AIM: TrueBart
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]