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    Looking to change reseller host


    I have been frustrated over the last few weeks at the lack of support from my current reseller in addition to several unanswered emails. I am looking to make a change. Here are the current specs that I am being offered:

    2 GB Storage
    12 GB Transfer
    C Panel
    Php Manager Included
    Unlimited Email, My SQL, etc


    I would like something comparable to my current specs in addition to:

    -Remote Shell Access
    -Possible Support for Streaming Audio (Maybe down the road if needed)

    I liked the fact that my hosting plan included the use of PHP Manager...

    Please post here or PM me your quotes...

    Thanks for your help

    (I noticed there was a web hosting request section, and I apologize for not posting this thread there)
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    I could give you that for $17.95/month with $0.00. All from - we don't put reseller accounts on the web site. PM me or contact me via my signature if you are interested.

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