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    How much will this worth

    hi guys,

    i'm thinking of selling the template that i just created instead of using it for myself. What price should i sell it at?

    the template at
    all images not yet optimised, so may load abit slow.


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    That's a nice one. ! I am serious.

    In my opinion, it will hit at least $100.

    Why don't you establish your bottom price. and let people bid?

    My 2 cents.

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    I agree, go at $100 lets try and raise the prices here : )

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    I agree, that is VERY quality work. I am not very pleased to see some of these great templates go for $25 bucks. They are worth well more then that.

    Great template and good luck.

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    This is custom made, not meant to be a template, so i think in tearms of layout and usability, it will be better than normal 'template'..... i would expect 150 or more
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