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    Domain Transferring

    Can anyone recommend a decent domain registar, hopefully not a web host, who can help transfer my domains with charging me too much. Most of my domains are registered for a year or twoo except one which is due Dec.

    At the moment I am through different resellers, one who is linked to ENOS, the other 7 domains through dotster.

    I have had a falling out with my webhost who I registered the domains from and I would like to tranfer them out. He resells from dotster.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Do you have administrative control of your domains? The admin email contact, or access to the domain control panel for your domains?

    If your webhost controls these things, you will not be able to transfer, regardless of whom you choose as your new registrar.

    If you have control of these things, you should be able to transfer anywhere with ease.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Yeah, they are all listed to me. Thanks, I'll search the forums for candidates.

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    godaddy offer this service:

    A private domain registration removes your name, phone email & home address from the public WHOIS database, protecting you from spam, scammers, prying eyes and worse!

    Any danger in this ? WHat do people reccomend. I'd love to get my home address out of WHOIS.

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