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    Unique Email Usernames

    Ok, I have recently setup the POP/IMAP server from and something has come up that I had not yet considered. How is the concept of unique e-mail usernames typically handled in a shared-hosting environment?

    I mean, I know that each domain could have multiple unique accounts and that common e-mail address like "info@" could be setup as aliases, but is there a better way? Like, I could imagine a lot of people might want their primary username to be, "johnsmith@" but in reality there could be just one.

    What are other ways to deal with this problem? I have searched, but could not find any type of definitive answer...

    On a related note, Ensim seems to have usernames such as "[email protected]" when logging into all the services. As I don't have an Ensim box, how is this managed? I don't seem to be able to be able to use the '@' character in usernames...

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    What kind mailserver? Sendmail. Qmail, Postfix,Exim???

    All have different ways of handling it.
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    Sorry, I am using sendmail. As I imagine it would tie in, I am using the IMAP/POP server from

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    it can be done with qmail
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    It can be done with pretty much any modern MTA, including Sendmail. In your case Dauk, read Virtual Hosting with Sendmail.

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