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Heres a brief average summary of my site's stats.
daily UNIQUE hits: 600+
daily hits: 1700+

Top 10 visitors country:
1. Network (.net) 87,866 26.98%
2. Commercial (.com) 75,691 23.24%
3. Unknown 71,780 22.04%
4. Canada (.ca) 11,781 3.62%
5. Australia (.au) 10,405 3.20%
6. Education (.edu) 5,953 1.83%
7. Singapore (.sg) 5,129 1.58%
8. United States (.us) 4,730 1.45%
9. Turks and Caicos Islands (.tc) 4,524 1.39%
10. United Kingdom (.uk) 4,157 1.28%

Visitors are all web and graphic designers, from beginners to professionals, highly targetted for the hosting industry.

120X600 on left column on every page= Bid starts at $30
468X60 on top (under the navigation) on everypage = bid starts at $25
120X120 on left column on every page = bid starts at $20

Premium package - Bidding starts at $50
I'll create a "Specials" section on the homepage, and that space is yours, you can place ANYTHING in there you want, maybe like WHT style? logo, and text ....then on every other page, you can place a banner on the left column.(included in the cost)

prices are per month

How bidding will work.
Place a bid on ANY of the banners you wish to advertise with.
the highest amount of money for any of the bids will win. there will on be ONE banner, so you will get maximum exposure.

The time now is 07:30 PM. GMT +9.5 hours. 23/10

Bidding ends

7:30PM 24/10

Please post ALL bids in this thread.

Thank you.