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    Miva Merchant 4.14 or Talented Webmasters - Need Guidence!

    I am considering pulling one of my websites apart into little pieces and putting it back up with a much more attractive and useful management system. The site is not really a mess to customers, but it now consumes most of my life, which I spend editing this page and that, constantly trying achieve eHarmony.

    Right now, the site is made up of about 3,600 static HTML pages with headers and footers that can be updated by replacing two HTML fragement files. Needless to say, anytime I want to give the site a new look, it's a major project. Last time, it took me seven months to complete - working 60 to 80 hours a week on it, and I still hated it when I was done.

    I have a webdesigner who is more than capable of doing it, but I have already spent way too much money on him as it is (not because he isnt worth it, but because I am running low on funds with all of the christmas expenses approaching swiftly). He is going to cost me at least a grand to redo the site, maybe more. But he will build a useful backend interface that will make manging the website in the future a snap, and will make adding new features as I want them a simple matter of greasing his palm with some money in exchange for a few PHP files.

    On the other hand, I can buy a copy of Miva Merchant, install it and try to figure out what the hell I am doing. I have no doubt I can get the thing up and running, it is probably like my shopping cart times one thousand in complexity, right? But MIVA is a closed-source system, right? That means that it's like Microsoft, about as free from security holes as a hunk of swiss chesse. And that means that everything I want I buy from them, shipping modules, database modules, module installer modules, etc. And I will have to buy support and so on.

    One thing is for certain: The website has got to be changed and it there are some fundemntal things that have to be changed from the ground on up, not the least of which is manageability. It has grown into a subdirectory'd monster that consumes about 1 GB of disk space on my webserver.

    Can anyone give me some guidence here?

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    Miva is very easy. It takes about 10 mintues to get up in running. However it will take you about a week to get your database up.
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    How about security holes? I dabble in the hacking scene a little, and I know there are tons of hacks that people claim "work" on various aspects of MIVA. Have you had any security breaches on your site, or anything that makes you think thier software is like swiss chesse?

    I am not about to have a story written about my company and how my credit card database walked away and eneded up on some Tripod site for download in .csv format. Then again, I wont worry about that since I use, but still. E-mail address, phone numbers or snail mail addresses would be bad enough without the payment information...

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    I've worked with MIVA for a long time already, and yes, there are a lot of holes and stuff with it. Go with PHP mate.
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