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    ..::Selling Impressions::..

    Hi, I am looking for a few advertisors. This websites has about 17000 page views per day and it is growing. Here is the stats I am selling impressions for $0.45 CPM for 468x60 at the top of the website, and $0.30 CPM for 120x60 on the left side of the website. For example, check You will have an account to view the stats of your banner. If you have any questions or you are intrested, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or ICQ me #75571461 . If you have something else you want to work out, feel free to e-mail me and we will come up a deal. Please do not ask question in here, because I dont check this place very often.
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    Re: ..::Selling Impressions::..

    Originally posted by sucker
    Here is the stats
    I get: "Sorry, this Module isn't active!"
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    that and a bunch of popups. who would want to buy impressions on a site with 2 popups?

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    check the images.

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