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    No comments on the TLD Attacks ?
    Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever


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    By David McGuire and Brian Krebs Staff Writers
    Tuesday, October 22, 2002; 5:40 PM

    The heart of the Internet sustained its largest and most sophisticated attack ever, starting late Monday, according to officials at key online backbone organizations.

    Around 5:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, a "distributed denial of service" (DDOS) attack struck the 13 "root servers" that provide the primary roadmap for almost all Internet communications. Despite the scale of the attack, which lasted about an hour, Internet users worldwide were largely unaffected, experts said.
    GUI admin tools have no honor. It is a good day to vi.

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    We are all doomed we must just give up now... and take to the hills m'friend
    Anthony LaMantia

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    I couldn't pull up's article...hey, wait a minute...they've gotten to them too. Who is next? Argghhhh!
    justin 'at'
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    Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever
    Actually, it was the largest attack on the Internet "ROOT SERVERS" ever
    Mike @ 1-877-4-XIOLINK
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    "Your data... always within reach"

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