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    NameServer question

    do i need to have 2 ip's to get a name server that is capable of hosting my website?

    if this is in the wrong place and u can move it...please move it

    thanks for the help in advance

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    Seeings how it doesn't appear to be a Suggestion for WebHostingTalk, or Feedback to WebHostingTalk, chances are pretty good it's in the wrong forum.

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    To answer your question though; what is it exactly you're asking?
    A nameserver is one IP. But, what are you talking about?
    Hosting yourself in your home? Buying hosting from someone? Buying a reseller account?
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    name based hosting requires one ip for each of the minimum 2 required nameservers.

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    i want to host from my internet connection(home)...
    then once i get used to that, learn the software and everything else, i will get a better connection and get a faster connecction and becom a web host. just trying to learn how to do everything at a young age

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