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    Hurricane Electric Costs

    Hey Everyone! How are you doing?

    I would just like to ask a quick question if you guys can answer it. Just on average how much is it for (1) Hurricane Electric Cabinet? Monthly costs. Do you have to provide your own pipe or do you get it with the cabinet?

    If you have anything else you can tell me about Hurricane Electric please do.


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    The absolutely lowest i've seen HE (directly) sell a cabinet for is $325 - then $350 per Mbit (cheaper when you need more, obviously).

    So you'd be lucky to get in there at $675 per month. That's not including a switch - you need to provide one yourself.

    I found the easier (cheaper) option would be to go with Fast Servers. They are located in HE, and offer a full rack (with a switch afaik) and 2Mbit for $538 per month. They run $200 for each additional Mbit.

    This is all billed on the 95th percentile, so you better make sure that's what you need.

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