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    5 templates for sale


    I have a few templates for sale that have never been used, and are 100% original. I made them myself and they are quite old (my standard of work is much better now). If you are interested in any of the below templates please email me (link below) or post here. Please email me all bids, I will post the highest here every time I get a higher bid.

    The winners get:
    + HTML files
    + Graphic files (.jpg, .gif)
    + PSD (wish, red, rnx)
    + Free customizations (name, links, image, etc)
    + index.php?page=xxx (for an extra $5.00)

    # Blue ->
    Highest bid: NA

    # Red ->
    Highest bid: NA

    # Green ->
    Highest bid: NA

    # RNX ->
    Highest bid: NA

    # WISH ->
    Highest bid: NA

    Thanks and good luck,

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