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    PERC3 RAID Controller and Linux

    I am thinking of getting a New dell poweredge 1650 server with the PERC3 raid controller..does RH 7.3 support this by default?

    Anyone had any exp with these controllers in linux? On the dell site it says they come with 128megs.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would think that RH 7.3 supports PERC3 although I haven't tried it - at least RH 7.1 does.

    We're using several Dell servers with PERC2/Si and PERC3/Di controllers and they have been running fine for a couple of years apart from a RAID memory module that died a month ago.

    There are some performance issuses with PERC-controllers, RAID 5 and Ext3, however: Reading data is a blast but writing speed is not impressive.
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    PERCs are great cards and are supported directly by RH 7.3
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