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    Linux + Win2k DNS setup

    If my primary DNS is Linux and my secondary is Win2k, How do I setup Win2k to replicate the DNS setting from my primary linux machine and vice versa, so they both hold the same DNS zones.

    The Linux machine is running Cpanel and the Win2k machine runs HC...

    Thanks in advance!

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    When you setup and configure the secondary DNS server on W2k, its simply a matter of supplying the IP of the primary DNS server. Using W2k's DNS console makes this very easy, however I have nfi about HC.

    If you have multiple IP's on the Linux machine you may need to be careful which IP you specificy to replicate to/from - but other than that it's pretty easy.

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    If you are running Bind on your Linux machine, I think there is an option in W2K DNS that allows easier secondarys with BIND. It's in the DNS server properties, if I remember correctly.
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    Small p.s

    This is required Bind 8 and over..

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