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    Unhappy Server Issues for Some Members

    Site url:

    Recently a few members have messaged me about not being able to view our site. They say it's either really slow, giving a page cannot be displayed message, and if they try to post it says "cannot post 30 seconds within last post". I'm using Cogent only for my bandwidth and DNS is through According to the viewers, this is the only site giving them problems. One member is using BELLSOUTH and the other is using Zoomtown. I have not experienced any problems myself on Earthlink DSL (Covad).

    The server load at most times is below 1.0 and since this is only occuring to a few select members I don't think it's a server issue. Does anyone know what could be causing these problems? Is it a potential server issue, DNS issue, Cogent issue, or something else?

    Thanks for any help,


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    I'm sorry, I meant to post this in the Tech form, but I mistakenly posted in the dedicated server instead I tried to delete the thread, but I could not. If a moderator would be kind enough to move the thread that would be great!

    <<MOD NOTE: Done!>>


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    i seem to have no problems accessing your site it loads up perfectly and speedily. it might be a pering problem with those isps.

    3 13 ms 14 ms 14 ms []
    4 25 ms 26 ms 31 ms []

    5 20 ms 20 ms 18 ms []
    6 34 ms 34 ms 31 ms []
    7 50 ms 37 ms 36 ms []
    8 37 ms 40 ms 38 ms [66.250.7.
    9 77 ms 73 ms 76 ms [
    10 76 ms 97 ms 76 ms [66.
    11 74 ms 73 ms 74 ms []
    12 71 ms 104 ms 73 ms

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    Thanks. I'll let those members know it may be their isps. One member said he was switching from Bellsouth. I will ask the other to call his isp's support and see what they have to say.

    So even though it appears my site is the only one with issues, it's still most likely their isp, right?


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    Yeah, maybe thier ISP is having problems.
    This forum officially ****ing sucks

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