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    Can open-reselling work?

    I'm thinking of starting a new site as a test run to see if people would get on board with a host who openly admits to reselling . Not just in the small print, hidden at the end of the FAQ's page somewhere, but nearly to go as far as stating it on the home page in big writing? Obviously, for this to work, the company you are reselling for would have to be reliable and hold a good reputation in the community.

    This probably goes against what most resellers are looking for these days, i.e. completely anonymous, but if it works out how I hope it would, the site would get a good backing of people who know you are being open about your hosting services, and if they can get over the fact that you are just a reseller, they may look beyond it and see that they are getting a good deal (compared to the hosting company you resell for)

    *Really* looking forward to people's opinions on this.

    (P.S. I have done reselling before, but when asked about running my own servers, I would reluctantly admit to just reselling... and never hear from them again)

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    I believe that honesty can take you a long way in this industry.
    I know some people that do just as you are suggesting and they do just fine. They have it listed right up front that they are resellers and who they are resellers of.

    Not to mention, think about all those awkward moments you won't have to muddle through.
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    Well, you go back to the question that has been asked for as long as WHT has been around. I wouldn't openly state you are a reseller, as there is no reason to. If someone asks you directly or asks why you can't do this or that, tell them then. They would appreciate that.
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    Darpak ... Have you moved forward with this idea at all? This is something I'm also seriously considering as well. If you are in a niche market, like I plan to be, your clients are with you for a specific reason and will not care if you a reseller (provided you have a good reseller ). This is one of the few settings I think open reselling could work.
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    One thing you have to be wary of is the prices of the company you are reselling for. If you get a "deep" discount, then you can bring you prices in line (or make them lower). Otherwise, why would anyone go to you and not your provider? Do you expect their name recognition would help enhance your reputation? Can you offer true-value add? Who does support for your clients? You or your provider?

    Some industries, it's ok to be a VAR. Or just a R. Like autos, computers, and anything else retail. For some reason, "reseller" is a dirty word to many web hosting clients.

    Depending on the end of the game you are coming from (are you a web designer looking to tweak their bottom line, for instance) it might not matter to your clients at all.

    Just some more food for thought.

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