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    Question Dotster

    how can I contact dotster without using their webform? does anyone have a sales address?

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    Last time I dealt with dotster, took them a couple of days to reply to my email.
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    I chose them after searching this board. it seems like they're a fairly well respected registrar. I just don't want to have to sign up to talk to them. that is very lame.

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    Dotster Inc
    11807 N.E. 99th Street, Suite 1100
    Vancouver, WA 98682


    ...I've called them before at the number above and most of the time you can talk to someone. Last time I tried just the other day I was directed to voice mail. I didn't want to leave a message so instead I sent an e-mail and had a response within 24 hours. Their e-mail address is [email protected].

    Good luck...
    Mark Blair

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    thank you. we'll see how long it takes for them to get back to me.

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    I sent them an email a year ago, I'm still waiting, no joke, well I'm really not waiting anymore

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    it took under 24 hours for them to reply to me. maybe they've just gotten better. the second time I contacted them I got a reply before I left work.

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