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    webhosting scam plz help

    one of my site ( )was hosted by
    one day my site was down for 2 days then it's
    completely gone. Nothing was left even sql db.
    There were no illegal files. Not even one video file.
    That site was like this site, just commnity bbs.

    They don't reply or response any of my email and didn't
    answer the phone.

    What should I do ? What can I do to get the files
    back ?

    Please help me here

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    Who is your host?

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    I think I see the problem.

    100% True Unlimited !
    Unlimited Web Space
    Unlimited Traffic / Bandwidth
    Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    Unlimited E-mail Forwarding
    Unlimited Auto Responders
    Unlimited Domain Parking
    Unlimited FTP / Telnet / SSH
    Unlimiited File Deletion
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
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    what should i do ?
    if i don't recover sql db. i will definitely lose 2000 members's info.

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    No sympathy for people which go with "unlimited this unlimited that" its pretty obvious this sort of thing is impossible and too good to be true.
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    gimme a break plz,
    it was my first site and i didn't know anything about unlimited
    crap when i signed up.
    I won't go for a unlimited bandwidth in the future but
    right now gimme some advice. Newbie always makes mistake.
    plz try to understand for a sec.

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    You can just keep trying to contact them by any means possible, it's what I would do if I was in your situation. You may have lost everything and not be able to recover your db information, but it's worth a try.

    In regards to the unlimited comment and not having sympathy, not everyone is aware that 'unlimited' is just a marketing ploy. Sometimes people learn a hard lesson and it's only then that they realize it's false advertising and that no one can provide it. Just because you know it, doesn't mean everyone else does, that's why it's important to teach people about it, not jump down their throat.

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    This was your first site and already you have 2000 subscribers?

    Your forums must have been bustling, eh? Probably killed the host to keep you on as long as they did.


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    Just as Tallon said, keep trying to reach the host, other than that if you can't reach them, there is really nothing else that can be done. I would suggest in the future to keep backups of your files and databases.
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    Sad story...Get their whois..and contact them if your db is really important..You should keep a local backup of the db so that if anything like this happens, atleast you have something in your hands..BAd Luck and hope your issue isresolved soon...

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    Unlimited = Problems everytime.

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    Unlimited = Problems everytime.

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    thanks !
    I learned a hard lesson. The site never had a problem and
    it was my first site so I didn't even think about a backup and
    I didn't even imagine that the hosting company can be that bad.

    I wouldn't be this upset if they replied any of my emails. I think
    I already sent them about 10 emails.

    Anyway, should be banned from hosting
    business. I'll definitely find any means necessary to sue them.

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    That truly is a hard lesson to learn - 2000 members, ouch.

    It is so important to do regular backups of your databases. You should do so once a week at least, just in case everything goes pear shaped. Sounds like the host may have closed you down for being too successful. If you email them, issue tickets, phone them, tell them you will gladly move on as long as they give you the DB.

    I know it isn't the best situation but they are holding all the cards, I'm afraid and getting that db is your priority.

    Anyhow, they could have been hacked and had to rekick the server. If that's the case, you're screwed. Lesson for the day - Do your own backups!
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    I'm probably a little an?? retentive about backups. I've have said "Now where did I put that CD that I backedup that website up to?"


    That's a whole lot better than saying "Lord, I wish I'd made a backup"

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    just curious,
    how come never reply any email or answer
    the phone call? Is it common ?

    I'd visit their office but they're located in Amsterdam, NL.

    Anyone lives Amsterdam ?

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    Yeah, Thats what you get with all unlimited - a dogey server that is about to crack

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    all phone no. listed are answered by machine and never called back.

    ICQ and AIM are only real and both are offline all the time.
    MSN and Yahoo are fake. Not existed.

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    Get your domain up quickly and they will sign up again if they really like your service. Dont go with an "unlimited" host. Mabe sue the host if you can or tell them you will contact your attourney. That usually get a faster response. I once was on an unlimited host ( When I first started out and they were pretty good but now they no longer give unlimited hosting and they raised their prices alot. They also had restrictions on what types of files ewre unlimited.

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    Had a chat with the support.....

    They said their server crashed and have no backup.
    One funny thing,
    how are you going to compensate the lost files ?

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